A massive, curved hi-res video screen flanked by smaller screens on spinning turntables created multiple automated entrances for speakers and performers. The move into the Javits North Hall was accompanied by a change in show format: the executive presentation would come first, followed by a break for dinner and drinks, followed by a "surprise" musical performance. 

The captivating Lilly Singh hosted this year's show, which remains the most ambitious of the Digital Newfronts. Silento rocked to "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)", Andrea Day performed with a choir and Big Bird stole the show with a few well-played double entendres and an onstage selfie!

This is the fifth consecutive installment of YouTube Brandcast to be produced by Good Sense & Co. As always, the show is a beautiful collaboration of teams: Obscura Digital, LA Made Creative, ShowMotion, WorldStage and the event team at MAS, who designed and helped to orchestrate a mid show dinner break (with "surprise" food stations serving 2600 guests) while the main room was flipped into a concert hall/dance floor.

Following the break, a scenic wall was flown to allow guests back into the main room... the stage transformed for an inimitable musical finale. Accompanied by an impressive troupe of dancers and perfectly timed visual, Sia performed an amazing 45-minute set of unorthodox pop.