YouTube Brandcast has built a rep over the years for outstanding performances and 2017's event was no exception. Acapella producer/performer Mike Tompkins did a song accompanied by a real AND digital chorus.  Host James Corden headlined his own Broadway production number, complete with dancers and revolving sets. Traveling pianist Dotan Negrin, whose Piano Around the World videos are taking off, weaved his piano through graphic landscapes as musicians and dancers joined in, with a New York-based brass band marching down the aisles.  After an hour of eat and drink, Katy Perry performed past hits and tunes from her next album.  

On the messaging front, it was all about original programming. Uber-Creator Casey Neistat sermonized on the importance of creative independence, Kevin Hart brought the funny while pitching his new YT show LAUGH OUT LOUD, and Jackie Aina delivered a powerful message to advertisers, urging them to get deeply involved with multi-ethnic women.  

This is the sixth consecutive installment of YouTube Brandcast to be produced by Good Sense & Co. As always, the show is a beautiful collaboration of teams: Obscura Digital, LA Made Creative, ShowMotion, WorldStage and the event team at MAS, who designed and helped to orchestrate a mid show dinner break (with "surprise" food stations serving 2600 guests) while the main room was flipped into a concert hall/dance floor.