The Grammy Awards returned to New York in 2018! As one of one of music’s strongest supporters, Citi wanted to highlight New York’s distinctive identity, but also celebrate the artists and bands they worked with this year. To bring this idea to life, they brought five local street artists who give the city it’s color and voice, together with the musicians who have inspired us. Each artist chose two musicians as inspiration, and put their creative flair to an iconic NYC image - the boombox. These unique boomboxes were featured at the UMG new artist Showcase and Grammy Afterparty, and subsequently donated by Citi to Musicians On Call, to be auctioned off in support of their foundation, which brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare facilities. #citiboomboxes is a celebration of music, New York, and the future of creativity.

Shoutouts to the extreme talents of @sacsix, @jeremypenn, @queenandreaone, @jpoart and @jennakrypell