Today only a third of of the world’s population is connected to the Internet and thus a majority of the world today doesn't have a voice.  Facebook in conjunction with the UN are working together to increase the rate of connectivity around and utilized this Pavilion to highlight how connectivity and technology can give more people opportunity and a voice.  

A multi media wall highlighted the current state of internet connectivity in the world. Oculus VR demos show stories of people recently connected with the message that connectivity brings opportunity and gives voice to people (filmed in Zambia, Colombia, Philippines, Kenya and India).

Interactive demonstrations highlight some of the innovative ways people in remote areas will be able to connect in the future including high altitude aircraft, satellites and lasers. Guests could handle pieces of Facebook’s connectivity drone and interact with a laser built to transmit high speed data.  

World leaders (and Bono) were given a chance to tour the Pavilion during the 2015 UN General Assembly.