MAY 1, 2013 | PIER 36

The 2nd annual YouTube Brandcast took place at Pier 36, a raw space that required a 4-day installation to transform it into a 2000 person theatre. 1500 Barco c5 video tiles were brought in to create a massive wrap-around video wall, which at the time was the largest single setup ever executed. Guests were surprised to see the massive wall split open for the final performance of the night, as 250 Macklemore fans emerged from backstage to surround the artist. Other performances included Snoop Dogg (collaborating with YouTube Stars) and internet sensation Dance On.

2000 guests · 4-day installation · $6M budget · 126 union stagehands · 122 consecutive working hours · 1500 Barco c5 LED video tiles (single largest installation of Barco c5 tiles at the time) · 14 YouTube stars collaborating with Snoop Dogg · 250 hidden Macklemore fans · 1 magical band reveal