YOUTUBE KICKOFF | March 13, 2018

YouTube added an edge of experimental theatre to their latest appeal to advertisers in NYC. The YouTube Kickoff was a specially curated presentation to the very top national ad buyers. Designed to look like a Hollywood sound stage, guests were invited to literally get up out of their seats and work their way through a living rendition of the YouTube universe. 

Four connected sound stages each hosted a top YouTube Creator in their element, and guests were invited to watch--and participate in--the "live taping" of four unique programs.

The Slow-Mo Guys started things off with a handful of typically hilarious slow motion camera demos. Next up, guests were invited to take part in an episode of How To Cake It, meeting host Yolanda's challenge to decorate emoji cakes in real time. Moving past the kitchen set to a haze-laden dance floor, guests watched the DANCEON channel's "Best In Class" performers turn up the heat with 5 genre-bending takes on Luis Fonzi's Despacito. Finally, guests were seated for the first (and only) episode of "The Biggest Fan" where three diehard Sam Tsui fans competed for a chance to see Sam in concert - and were totally shocked when Sam showed up to put on a surprise concert just for them.

In all, the event was a powerful glimpse at the passionate dynamic between creator and fan, and the ever-increasing production value and creativity that goes into the endless well of original programming.