The ribbon-cutting event for the NYC HQ of YouTube's unique "creator studios" production facilities and Google BrandLab. Good Sense brought the YouTube Space NY to life with an event that was part launch party and part multi-segment LIVE broadcast that brought guests in on the action no matter where they were in the space.

The variety-style multi-segment broadcast included live cooking demos from Laura Vitale's Kitchen in one studio, while another studio was transformed into an replica of CBGB's (using actual walls and furniture from the famed, now-disassembled venue) for performances by Haerts and Max Schneider. In another studio, the question "What if Superman punched you?" was answered on camera, as guests lined up to see themselves punched in the face in super slow motion. 

At the magic moment, costumed freaks with PLAY-BUTTON heads ran amok throughout the Space, trailing endless red ribbon so that every guest could participate on a hands-on community ribbon-cutting... which culminated in a Space-wide flash mob. EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!